Ray Chenez


"Ray Chenez's countertenor is bold and assertive, but also warm-toned and luxurious. He has a naturally electric presence, and his diction is precise no matter how high he sings." - Opera News


First Post! - Entering Madness and Darkness

Dear Friends,

I have often thought that I have many interesting stories to tell. Each chapter of my life has brought new experiences, new challenges, heartbreaks & triumphs. As we begin the new year, I have decided to share some of my life’s experiences with you from the past and the present. Of course, if I happen to acquire precognitive abilities, I will also share my experiences from the future!

So here we go, my FIRST EVER Blog post!!

On Wednesday, I will resume rehearsals for “Dionysos Rising,” a world premiere opera by Roberto David Rusconi in Trento. A contemporary take on the myth of Dionysos, I’m taking on the role of Ampelos, a young man with delusions of grandeur, handicapped in a wheelchair, disguising his inner trauma and pain to the outside world. Our modern setting takes place in an insane asylum, a contained environment, where as patients we form a special community in the presence of dark thoughts and madness.

During the rehearsal process, we rehearsed in a former-insane asylum, which truly brought us into the atmosphere. I’ve never before confronted what such an existence would feel like, nor the very human connections that exist in such a place. I’ve also been tasked with my first ever “dare-devil stunt” in this opera, which I won’t spoil for you just yet!! But believe me, that hasn’t been easy!

Through the rehearsal process, we faced new musical challenges with the sophisticated technology involved in the production. The opera has been composed with an “immersive soundscape,” which will bring true horror to the audience. Working with this soundscape, which must be perfectly timed with the music, is a considerable challenge, especially when the technology isn’t working properly! We rehearsed in creative ways and eventually found our groove. I’m still incredibly curious to see how it all works in the theater when I arrive in Trento!!

Thanks for checking out my first EVER blog post!! Feel free to comment below or ask questions, and I will do my best to answer thoughtfully!